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Tipped Crescent Moon

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Tipped Crescent Moon

The prettiest crescent moon shape casting the most magical light reflections from your window, thanks to the iridized white colored glass body. Hand cut, shaped, and soldered, then finished in copper and laced with ivory dyed leather suede. For best iridized glass rainbow effect, position in front of, or by, a window.

- Measurements: approximately 7” x 4”
- Leather measures approximately 4” from hoop
- Color: Iridized white

**Please keep in mind your shipping location when placing an order: THIS SHIPS ON DECEMBER 20, 2017**

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Please Note:
This is a one-of-a-kind piece of art. Each panel of stained glass is hand-made and therefore, unique. Due to the nature of the process no two panels are alike. With that said, variation in design, panel dimension, solder, patina, glass, etc. are to be expected and give each piece it's individual character.